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Our Story

The Commitment to serving authentically traditional Lebanese dishes, makes Nadimo’s the place to be for all those who are looking to live a genuine Lebanese experience.

The first Nadimo’s was founded in 2009 , Mr.Khatter and Mr.Richard Al Ghoul and after living in Thailand for some time , decided to open a small restaurant where they can enjoy real Lebanese food with their family and friends.

Soon this small place which started as a family and friends hang out became the attraction of locals, resident of Bangkok and tourists.
In 2010 and 2011 Nadimo’s was awarded best Lebanese restaurant in Bangkok after winning the hearts of the Thai and expatriates living in Bangkok , and gained a very good reputation among tourists from all nationalities and specially middle eastern.

Unlike others Nadimo’s offers only Lebanese dishes, prepared by his Lebanese chef, with ingredients mostly imported from Lebanon to preserve the original flavor of his menu items.

The menu is a selection of the most Famous Lebanese dishes such as Tabbouleh (chopped parsley and tomatoes with a fresh, zesty citrus overtones), baba ghanoush (a smokey grilled eggplant dip), Hummus (silky mashed chickpeas with sesame paste), Kebab ( tender skewers of charcoal grilled lamb with chopped parsley and onions), riz bil hallib (a desert made of rice and milk pudding with a rose syrup), and last but not least the ” Lebanese coffee” , a hot beverage that one must try at the end of the meal or simply any time of the day.

So whether your are there to have lunch , dinner or an afternoon snack or just a cup of coffee  on the terrace, the staff of Nadimo’s will live up to your expectations and more. With the friendly welcome, the attentive service and commitment to satisfy every guest, owners and management can assure an unforgettable experience to all their guests.

Sukhumvit  24

Holiday Inn Silom

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